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20 Amazing Pieces
You Won’t Believe Are From H&M

H&M has always been one of my favourite place to shop; the fashion-forward store I head to for the latest in seasonal trends at affordable prices. While I enjoy investing (well, I call it investing, Nitin calls it spending, spending, spending) in quality pieces, I fill the rest of my wardrobe with price conscious finds […]

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Top 10 Finds Under $50!

Even though it’s only the beginning of August and we’ve got 7 weekends left to enjoy the summer, I can’t help but get a little excited for fall. At this point in the summer my bikini and floral dress shopping starts taking a backseat as I begin picking up pieces I can transition from summer […]

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I’m pretty reliable when it comes to my punctuality, but when it comes to my one-on-ones with mother nature I have a tendency to lose track of myself. I love the outdoors, and no matter where I’m vacationing I’ll always find time to rent a bike and enjoy the scenery. Nitin and I recently spent […]

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Pretty In Pink

Spring has finally arrived, and not a second too soon! The sun has started to peep out and bestow upon us its long-awaited for warmth, and if you close your eyes and concentrate enough you can hear the voice of the Fashion Gods whispering ‘it’s time for some change’. It’s time to put away your […]

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Spring Eyeglasses Trends 2017

Confession: I’m a glasses-wearing fraud. While most people wear glasses for the purpose of clearer vision, glasses have become part of my weekly style ….and I have near-perfect vision. For me, glasses are fashion. They are chic. They are trendy. They are anything you want them to be, from sophisticated and polished to sexy and […]

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Valentine’s Day Gifts
for Him & Her

Ooh St. Valentine! Valentine’s Day has always been one of my favourite holidays to celebrate. While I don’t need one day of the year to show my darling hubby how much he is adored, I can’t resist a holiday built around the most beautiful thing in the world; love! That, and it’s the one time […]

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The Little Pink Coat

It’s hard to believe we shot this just a few weeks ago, when the trees were still green and my go-to shoes in the morning weren’t Sorel’s. When I found this Ewheat Pink Single Breasted Bowknot Coat on Dezzal just over a month ago, I couldn’t resist it. From its delicate silhouette and soft hue […]

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Top Holiday Dresses from Dezzal

With December around the corner, I’ve been on the lookout for some unique holiday dresses. I’ve always been a fan of brands like Kate Spade, Wildfox and Alicia and Olivia, for their playful sophistication and unique designs. When I stumbled upon this Cat Pattern A-Line Dress from Dezzal it reminded me of a mash-up between […]

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That Feeling

I’m a sucker for a good old graphic tee or sweatshirt, and couldn’t resist this tulle t-shirt from Zara. I’m not sure if the back-to-school buzz has me feeling a bit nostaglic, but the playful use of primary colours in this shirt takes me back to grade school, and the retro font only adds to […]

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